How to create your clothing brand in 7 steps?

From knowing your market to the regulations in force, and choosing a partner to develop your products, here are 7 key points to know how to create your clothing brand!

Study your market
An idea is fine, but what about the reality? Conduct a market study to understand how the market works and the world in which your brand will have to evolve.

Can it find its place there? What are the opportunities? What are the threats? What will you need to do to convince your future customers? You will find all the answers to these essential questions thanks to your market research.

Create your world
This is where the foundations of your clothing brand are laid!

How do you create your clothing brand with a strong image to stand out?

Based on what you have learned about the competition and your future customers from the market research, define your positioning. Select your sales channel(s) and establish your pricing policy, promotion of your products and develop your clothing range so that you have a clearly identifiable position in the market.

The key to creating a well positioned clothing brand lies in your ability to differentiate yourself from the competition while having a relevant value proposition for customers.

Name and logo for your clothing brand
These are the main identifying features to define when creating your clothing brand. They are what people will recognise you by. Choosing them well is therefore essential!

Telling you to find a catchy name that sticks in your head and evokes your products may be trite advice, but too many entrepreneurs forget this when creating their clothing brand.

Take the time to think about your brand identity and values to find a consistent name. Also let your strategy guide your thinking. Do you have a medium or long-term goal of going international? Create a clothing brand with an English-sounding name!

Once you've chosen your name, don't forget to register it to protect yourself and make sure it isn't already taken.

For an impactful logo, discover our 6 tips for a good logo!

How to create your clothing brand? With suppliers!
Yes, you can! Because producing your own clothes as soon as you create your clothing brand requires large investments in equipment, infrastructure and competent personnel. There are therefore 2 solutions:

Work in 2 stages with a wholesaler or a clothing producer and an embroiderer/printer
Find a textile customisation partner who can also supply the garments
The first solution is often not the most advantageous for a clothing brand that is starting out. These partners usually impose minimum order quantities that are too high for a start-up company.

At Fourth Dimension, we offer a wide range of textiles of all types to be customised with your clothing brand's logo and visuals. By opting for a wholesaler/printer/broker, production times and costs are reduced and you ensure better consistency between choice of garments and personalisation.

Your brand, in your image
We are talking about YOUR brand! Even if your garments are supplied already manufactured, it is important that your logo is clearly visible. That's why we offer a range dedicated to all those who wish to create their own brand of clothing. It includes :

Garments with labels on the side, inside. The collar is left blank for your own logo to be printed on!
Clothing with detachable labels on the side or neck. You are free to remove them and make any other logo than yours disappear!
Contact our advisors to find out how to create your clothing brand 100% in your image!

How to create a profitable clothing brand?
This is often the least enjoyable part of creating a brand. But it is important to consider it when you want to know how to create your clothing brand.

Don't have the time or money to waste on your project? Then check that your idea is financially sound by drawing up a business plan. To do this, it is best to surround yourself with professionals who can advise you on the business model of your future clothing brand.

In order to convince investors and obtain the necessary financing, you will have to show them the capacity of your clothing brand to make a profit. Hence the importance of a well-done business plan.

Then there are all the administrative procedures for setting up your business, financing, contracts with suppliers, etc.

Producing in compliance with regulations
That's it, it's time to cast off and put into practice all the things you have just planned in detail! But there's one last thing to watch out for: the legality of your clothes.

The good news is that creating a clothing brand is not subject to strict regulations. Only the composition of the garment must be indicated as a percentage. For the comfort of your future customers, it is best to also indicate the size and washing instructions.

Don't forget to include this information with your logo and print it on the inside of the collar of your garments if you choose to detach the labels!

To sum up: 7 key points for creating your clothing brand
Study your market, understand its codes and practices and spot opportunities for your brand!
Create the universe of your clothing brand: positioning, values, sales model, etc.!
Develop a strong identity by choosing your brand name and logo!
Find your partner for the supply and customisation of the clothing!
Choose clothes without labels and have your own labels applied!
Draw up your business plan and start the process of creating your brand!
Respect the law by printing the composition of the textile with your logo in the collar!


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