What you should know before an Akashic Records reading

What are the Akashic Records?
The Akashic Records are the archives that contain the history of all existence, they keep the memory of the whole universe, I like to imagine the Akashic Records as a giant library where everything that has happened, what is happening and the things that may happen in the future throughout the universe is kept. Obviously it is not a physical space, but an energetic space, in another dimension.

Within this great "virtual library", we all have our own book, it is like the book of our soul, in it is recorded all our history, what happened in other lives, what is happening in our present life, as well as the future possibilities, since the future, according to the guardians of the Records, is written by our decisions. The Akashic Records not only refer to people, but also to animals, plants, stones, planets, cities as collectives, countries and in short, everything that exists has its own archives, where the information of the past, present and future of each one of them is kept.

When we receive a reading from the Records, the reader channels our guides, as we all have several, and they are the ones who transmit the information that the person who consults is prepared to receive, the information that is received always has the intention that we become aware and evolve, the Records are intended to help us understand who we were, who we are and who we can become, from the Records our personal guides try to encourage us and help us to evolve, as they have the information that our own soul transmits to them.

What information can we obtain?
The most common and practical information that the Akashic Records can provide us with is that which helps us to understand ourselves a little better, that which allows us to evolve and become aware of why certain things happen to us, why certain patterns are repeated in our lives. 

The reading of the Akashic Records is not a method of divination of the future, because as the guides and custodians of the Akashic Records themselves tell us, the future has a wide range of possibilities, the information we receive is destined to help us to advance and evolve, our guides do not usually tell us what we should do, but they do guide us to understand the things that happen to us and so that we can overcome them more easily and with the least possible suffering.

How do we ask questions and what can we ask?
The questions that provide us with the most information are those that begin with "Why...?", questions that begin with "What...? How...? or Which one or which ones...?" are also very productive, the questions that provide us with the least information are those that begin with "When...?", since according to the guides time does not exist, which is logical if we start from the premise that our soul is infinite and imperishable, although as human beings this does not comfort us very much, since we live in a dimension where time is important to us.

Another type of questions that do not usually give much information are the type of questions that have a "yes" or "no" answer, the reason why questions with a "yes" or "no" answer are not practical either is because the guides do not tell us what we have to do, they want us to do what makes us happy, what makes our soul feel fulfilled, that is why they are not going to tell us: "You should do this or that...". 



They want that apart from their advice, we are the ones who make the decisions and take the reins of our life, so we have to understand the information they give us as guidelines, but the decision of what we do with those guidelines and if we put into practice or not what they suggest, it is always our decision, not theirs, because they always respect our freedom and our free will.

Examples of questions that will provide us with information.
Why have my partner and I separated? Or why are my partner and I still together? What learning do we have to do being together? What can I do at this moment to overcome this situation I am living? How can I improve my life / work / health, etc.? What is the cause of not getting work / money / health / love, etc.? What qualities do I have and how can I develop them? What blockages do I have to overcome in this life? What is my mission in this life? Why is this pattern repeating in my life? What do I have to learn from this situation?

Questions that will contribute little:
When am I going to get a partner? Do I have to take this job I have been offered?

Instead, we could modify them to elicit more information in this way:

What are the reasons why I am not getting a partner or what can I do to make it easier for me to find a partner? What will this new job bring me or what challenges or learning will I face if I take this job?

What are some things we can ask?
Any subject is susceptible to be dealt with in the light of the Records, to suggest some examples we could ask about subjects related to: Talents or gifts, qualities, beliefs, career or profession, business, projects, health, abundance, therapies, relationships, family, repetitive patterns in our life, fears, blockages, past lives, concerns, dreams or nightmares, links with other souls or people, learnings, personal growth


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