Why have a website ? The 5 reasons and our advice 

You have probably already asked yourself : why have a website ? What is the interest of creating a website? What are the advantages compared to other communication media?

The answers are multiple and the reasons all more valid than the others! Our web design agency in Montpellier has selected for you the 8 best reasons to have a website! As an added bonus, we've given you the 8 tips that go with it!

REASON 1: Be visible everywhere and all the time!
The advantage of having a website is to have a communication medium available everywhere and all the time!

A website, whether it is a showcase or e-commerce website, is the image of your company, visible all the time! Indeed, it is as if your establishment was open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! Your information is therefore accessible at any time, and without geographical limits! The web has no borders! Thus, the Internet user who wishes to obtain information in the middle of the night can have an immediate answer to his question, simply by consulting your website.

Our advice

Work on your content so that your website can meet the needs of Internet users (information, purchase, etc.) in an autonomous and satisfactory manner!

REASON 2: Have unlimited information and presentation space
Having a website means having a personalised and unlimited communication space! Indeed, you have an unlimited number of pages to say what you have to say. You can also use a lot of content, such as photos, videos, pdf, articles ... You can present your company in video, inform your customers with a "Frequently Asked Questions" or promote your products with photos ... Everything is possible, that's why having a website is now essential, and the vast 90% of companies could not do without it!

In addition, this space is totally in your image: the visual elements are 100% customizable, your texts adopt a tone that is specific to you, the information provided is directly related to your company ...

In short, your website is your company's business card on the web, with the advantage of being much more extensive than a simple business card!

Our advice

Pay attention to the importance of web design! It is essential that your communication space looks like you! To do this, it is necessary to respect your graphic charter, which will also encourage good memorization! Calling on a web designer is a solution to optimise your web space to the maximum.

REASON 3: Gain credibility
Your website can also help you build your reputation and image. In fact, having a well-kept website is a guarantee of a certain credibility.

Thanks to this communication tool, you can professionalise your image, and therefore gain the trust of Internet users and buyers! It must be clean, well organised and hierarchical so that Internet users can find information directly. It must be faithful to your values and reflect your brand image.  Your website is in fact your company's shop window, allowing you to showcase your products and services. To be even more credible, for example, you have the possibility of including reviews from satisfied customers, testimonials, or press releases.

Our advice

If your website aims to enhance your image, be careful not to be counterproductive! Indeed, a bad user experience will on the contrary tarnish your company's image. So be careful with the aesthetics and navigation comfort! These variables are decided at the beginning of the creation of your website.

REASON 4: Benefit from a dynamic and evolving communication medium
A website has the advantage of being constantly evolving! Indeed, unlike print communication media, such as company brochures or leaflets, they can be updated in real time!

A piece of information to share? A price change? A photo to add? You can modify your content immediately. So your website is always reliable and up to date! It is also possible to act on the structure of the website itself: add a section or a feature, depending on your needs at the time. This is one of the 6 reasons why we use the WordPress CMS for website development: you can then modify your website independently.

Having a website allows you to have a dynamic, flexible and evolving communication support!

Our advice

When creating your website, think efficiency! Indeed, it is better to create a few simple and relevant pages than to get lost in the immensity that a website allows. Then you can develop your website as you go along! Be careful, however, to choose a service provider who will install a back-office interface that is easy to update yourself, without any knowledge of HTML, CSS or PHP.

REASON 5: To be found quickly and easily
One of the interests of creating a website is to be found easily.

67% of French people use the internet to look for information on goods or services (2nd most common use of the internet after sending emails). If the customer can't find you on the web, they'll end up at your competitor's!

Internet users spend an average of 20 hours a week on the Internet, with connections from many devices: computers, tablets, mobiles, etc. If your audience is on the Internet, you might as well be there too! To achieve your communication objectives, it is therefore essential to have a presence and visibility on the Internet!

Our advice

Being present in search engines is good, being well referenced is better! Natural referencing brings together all the best practices for appearing in the first results of a search. So take the time to work on your referencing!


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