Why are people turning to online gaming?

With a global pandemic resulting in two lockdowns and unemployment at an all-time high, people are more than ever in need of new escapes.

And what better way to escape than into a party world where money and entertainment are king. Online gambling therefore seems to be the perfect way to escape from boredom, isolation and "reduced household income". However, if the Covid-19 has largely contributed to the rise of online gambling, the French were not left behind before the pandemic!

According to Les Echos, the number of online gamblers had already increased for three consecutive years.
So what is it that makes people turn more and more to online gaming? Let's demystify this sometimes taboo subject. A subject where CMs, this measured and regulated community management must be aware of the laws while requiring a good dose of creativity to comply with them.

The advantages of online games
It must be said that online games have many advantages that make them attractive! Unlike betting, casino games, for example, involve the player who can take credit for the win. Moreover, with the rise of this market, many suppliers have appeared, offering players software with advanced themes and ever more features!

These online games also allow players to win money. Indeed, some sites offer to evolve in a "casino-like" universe proposing many types of games on which the option is given to bet real money. Online gambling is a great way to have fun, especially with online casinos as you are playing on a secure and reliable platform, which is usually audited.

However, for the experience to be truly beneficial, you need to be able to play at a trusted establishment. If you don't know where to look to find the best online casino, check out the top online casinos.

Online gambling: the way to escape the pandemic?
As everyone knows, this year 2020 has not spared us. We have seen unprecedented changes, including two confinements that have permanently changed the way we consume. Indeed, with more and more people telecommuting, and not being able to leave home, online games are the real deal!

Online games had always been in competition with so-called "IRL" entertainment - in real life - with containment they get the monopoly of the entertainment market!
The internet has taken on a whole new dimension this year and this is borne out by the new attraction of the French for online entertainment. It seems inevitable, the internet has been our only link to the outside world for the past few months, so it makes sense that it is also our official provider of entertainment!

With incomes sometimes drastically reduced for some households, playing money online seems to be a way for some to continue to earn extra income. Even though winning at games is often more a matter of luck than skill, it is understandable why French people turn to online gambling in these uncertain times.

online games
However, despite this attraction, France is not the most lenient nation with regards to online gambling! Indeed, the law of May 2010 prohibits the monetisation of most games of chance such as slot machines, roulette or blackjack. Of course, not all online gambling establishments are completely transparent, but the problem can easily be solved by registering with a reliable online casino!

This law only applies to gambling, so players who want to play online games for free will be able to do so! Online casinos generally offer "demo mode", allowing French players to enjoy their games without having to spend their money.

However, as far as gambling is concerned, the government doesn't seem to be ready to change the legislation, and the online casinos have not waited for its authorisation before launching themselves on online casino type sites. Some bookmakers, legal in France, offer players in France an online gaming offer that has nothing to envy the best establishments of this type.


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