How to create your clothing brand in 7 steps?

From knowing your market to the regulations in force, and choosing a partner to develop your products, here are 7 key points to know how to create your clothing brand!

Study your market
An idea is fine, but what about the reality? Conduct a market study to understand how the market works and the world in which your brand will have to evolve.

Can it find its place there? What are the opportunities? What are the threats? What will you need to do to convince your future customers? You will find all the answers to these essential questions thanks to your market research.

Create your world
This is where the foundations of your clothing brand are laid!

How do you create your clothing brand with a strong image to stand out?

Based on what you have learned about the competition and your future customers from the market research, define your positioning. Select your sales channel(s) and establish your pricing policy, promotion of your products and develop your clothing range so that you have a clearly identifiable position in the market.

The key to creating a well positioned clothing brand lies in your ability to differentiate yourself from the competition while having a relevant value proposition for customers.

Name and logo for your clothing brand
These are the main identifying features to define when creating your clothing brand. They are what people will recognise you by. Choosing them well is therefore essential!

Telling you to find a catchy name that sticks in your head and evokes your products may be trite advice, but too many entrepreneurs forget this when creating their clothing brand.

Take the time to think about your brand identity and values to find a consistent name. Also let your strategy guide your thinking. Do you have a medium or long-term goal of going international? Create a clothing brand with an English-sounding name!

Once you've chosen your name, don't forget to register it to protect yourself and make sure it isn't already taken.

For an impactful logo, discover our 6 tips for a good logo!

How to create your clothing brand? With suppliers!
Yes, you can! Because producing your own clothes as soon as you create your clothing brand requires large investments in equipment, infrastructure and competent personnel. There are therefore 2 solutions:

Work in 2 stages with a wholesaler or a clothing producer and an embroiderer/printer
Find a textile customisation partner who can also supply the garments
The first solution is often not the most advantageous for a clothing brand that is starting out. These partners usually impose minimum order quantities that are too high for a start-up company.

At Fourth Dimension, we offer a wide range of textiles of all types to be customised with your clothing brand's logo and visuals. By opting for a wholesaler/printer/broker, production times and costs are reduced and you ensure better consistency between choice of garments and personalisation.

Your brand, in your image
We are talking about YOUR brand! Even if your garments are supplied already manufactured, it is important that your logo is clearly visible. That's why we offer a range dedicated to all those who wish to create their own brand of clothing. It includes :

Garments with labels on the side, inside. The collar is left blank for your own logo to be printed on!
Clothing with detachable labels on the side or neck. You are free to remove them and make any other logo than yours disappear!
Contact our advisors to find out how to create your clothing brand 100% in your image!

How to create a profitable clothing brand?
This is often the least enjoyable part of creating a brand. But it is important to consider it when you want to know how to create your clothing brand.

Don't have the time or money to waste on your project? Then check that your idea is financially sound by drawing up a business plan. To do this, it is best to surround yourself with professionals who can advise you on the business model of your future clothing brand.

In order to convince investors and obtain the necessary financing, you will have to show them the capacity of your clothing brand to make a profit. Hence the importance of a well-done business plan.

Then there are all the administrative procedures for setting up your business, financing, contracts with suppliers, etc.

Producing in compliance with regulations
That's it, it's time to cast off and put into practice all the things you have just planned in detail! But there's one last thing to watch out for: the legality of your clothes.

The good news is that creating a clothing brand is not subject to strict regulations. Only the composition of the garment must be indicated as a percentage. For the comfort of your future customers, it is best to also indicate the size and washing instructions.

Don't forget to include this information with your logo and print it on the inside of the collar of your garments if you choose to detach the labels!

To sum up: 7 key points for creating your clothing brand
Study your market, understand its codes and practices and spot opportunities for your brand!
Create the universe of your clothing brand: positioning, values, sales model, etc.!
Develop a strong identity by choosing your brand name and logo!
Find your partner for the supply and customisation of the clothing!
Choose clothes without labels and have your own labels applied!
Draw up your business plan and start the process of creating your brand!
Respect the law by printing the composition of the textile with your logo in the collar!


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What you should know before an Akashic Records reading

What are the Akashic Records?
The Akashic Records are the archives that contain the history of all existence, they keep the memory of the whole universe, I like to imagine the Akashic Records as a giant library where everything that has happened, what is happening and the things that may happen in the future throughout the universe is kept. Obviously it is not a physical space, but an energetic space, in another dimension.

Within this great "virtual library", we all have our own book, it is like the book of our soul, in it is recorded all our history, what happened in other lives, what is happening in our present life, as well as the future possibilities, since the future, according to the guardians of the Records, is written by our decisions. The Akashic Records not only refer to people, but also to animals, plants, stones, planets, cities as collectives, countries and in short, everything that exists has its own archives, where the information of the past, present and future of each one of them is kept.

When we receive a reading from the Records, the reader channels our guides, as we all have several, and they are the ones who transmit the information that the person who consults is prepared to receive, the information that is received always has the intention that we become aware and evolve, the Records are intended to help us understand who we were, who we are and who we can become, from the Records our personal guides try to encourage us and help us to evolve, as they have the information that our own soul transmits to them.

What information can we obtain?
The most common and practical information that the Akashic Records can provide us with is that which helps us to understand ourselves a little better, that which allows us to evolve and become aware of why certain things happen to us, why certain patterns are repeated in our lives. 

The reading of the Akashic Records is not a method of divination of the future, because as the guides and custodians of the Akashic Records themselves tell us, the future has a wide range of possibilities, the information we receive is destined to help us to advance and evolve, our guides do not usually tell us what we should do, but they do guide us to understand the things that happen to us and so that we can overcome them more easily and with the least possible suffering.

How do we ask questions and what can we ask?
The questions that provide us with the most information are those that begin with "Why...?", questions that begin with "What...? How...? or Which one or which ones...?" are also very productive, the questions that provide us with the least information are those that begin with "When...?", since according to the guides time does not exist, which is logical if we start from the premise that our soul is infinite and imperishable, although as human beings this does not comfort us very much, since we live in a dimension where time is important to us.

Another type of questions that do not usually give much information are the type of questions that have a "yes" or "no" answer, the reason why questions with a "yes" or "no" answer are not practical either is because the guides do not tell us what we have to do, they want us to do what makes us happy, what makes our soul feel fulfilled, that is why they are not going to tell us: "You should do this or that...". 



They want that apart from their advice, we are the ones who make the decisions and take the reins of our life, so we have to understand the information they give us as guidelines, but the decision of what we do with those guidelines and if we put into practice or not what they suggest, it is always our decision, not theirs, because they always respect our freedom and our free will.

Examples of questions that will provide us with information.
Why have my partner and I separated? Or why are my partner and I still together? What learning do we have to do being together? What can I do at this moment to overcome this situation I am living? How can I improve my life / work / health, etc.? What is the cause of not getting work / money / health / love, etc.? What qualities do I have and how can I develop them? What blockages do I have to overcome in this life? What is my mission in this life? Why is this pattern repeating in my life? What do I have to learn from this situation?

Questions that will contribute little:
When am I going to get a partner? Do I have to take this job I have been offered?

Instead, we could modify them to elicit more information in this way:

What are the reasons why I am not getting a partner or what can I do to make it easier for me to find a partner? What will this new job bring me or what challenges or learning will I face if I take this job?

What are some things we can ask?
Any subject is susceptible to be dealt with in the light of the Records, to suggest some examples we could ask about subjects related to: Talents or gifts, qualities, beliefs, career or profession, business, projects, health, abundance, therapies, relationships, family, repetitive patterns in our life, fears, blockages, past lives, concerns, dreams or nightmares, links with other souls or people, learnings, personal growth


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Recommendations for the correct use of the drill in your work


Get the results you are looking for with the use of the drill. Below you will find more information.

Tips for using the drill

When attaching accessories the drill must be unplugged.
If you are drilling on a slippery surface, a paper tape can be placed over the hole to prevent the drill bit from slipping.
If you are going to work with a moving part, it should be held with clamps, not with your hands, to prevent it from turning when being drilled.
The drill bit is placed perpendicular to the surface, and the drill is gently driven. When the drill bit feels firm, you can then apply pressure.
The pressure should be kept at a constant speed, avoiding excessive forces that could break the drill bit or accessory.
At the end of the work you should move the drill away from the drill, then stop pressing the trigger, and wait for the accessory to stop by itself, never stopping it by hand.
Find the full range of accessories for your drill here.

Where to use the drill?
With the right accessories you can carry out a wide range of jobs with the drill in materials as varied as wood, metal, concrete, ceramics, plastic, among others.

Drill bits suitable for drilling concrete, wood, metal, ceramics and other surfaces must be used. In addition, the type of drill attachment must be taken into account, which can be cylindrical, hexagonal or SDS. The number refers to its thickness in millimetres.

You must choose the appropriate bit for the screws you will use, such as cross, flat, hexagonal, among others.


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The future of medicine: changes and challenges to consider

Medicine is changing, in part because of the increased availability of individual health data, along with analytical techniques known as "big data". This increased level of information will enable the advancement of precision medicine, with more personalised care and treatment. Increasingly empowered, patients will require access to and control over their information, according to their needs. Another major change will be the decentralisation of services encouraged by mobile technologies, telemedicine, artificial intelligence algorithms, 3D printing and biosensors. Although digital tools have been used in past health emergencies, the COVID-19 pandemic has been a universal catalyst for the digital transformation of both providers and consumers of healthcare services worldwide. 

The patient as the protagonist of their care
The paradigm in medicine is shifting. This shift puts the patient at the centre, and puts the patient at the centre, and puts the patient at the centre, and puts the patient at the centre, and puts the patient at the centre of their care. Telemedicine IT tools contribute to this patient empowerment, respond to the patient's need for information and transform the patient into an active agent of their care. In turn, these tools facilitate feedback, networking and resource optimisation.

The importance of the Electronic Health Record
One of the main sources of information for these tools is the Electronic Health Record (EHR). In the region, the Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires (HIBA) developed a Health Information System (HIS) that has a unique, modular, problem-oriented, patient-centred, online EHR. HIBA has recently been certified by HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) as level 7, the highest level in the Electronic Medical Records Adoption Model, being the first hospital in Argentina and the second in Latin America to reach this level.

In addition, this institution has a Personal Health Portal that provides personalised information on the user's health (test reports, self-management of appointments, news, among others) and works in direct interface with the Electronic Health Record; where a secure audio and video channel is established for telemedicine services. The Institution is currently developing community portals that will put users with the same pathologies in contact with each other.

Patient-tailored medicine
Probably the most significant impact of the new tools will be in the field of precision medicine. This takes into account individual genetic variability, the environment and lifestyles of each person as well as information obtained from mobile capture devices and biosensors.  Accurate study of the factors that influence health will enable more accurate diagnoses, more rational disease prevention strategies, better treatment selection and the development of new therapies.

Patient-centred medicine involves a shift from a descriptive model to a predictive model of disease and risk. To implement it, it will require the inclusion of information such as family, socio-economic, environmental, behavioural and lifestyle history.

A large amount of information will be generated by the patient himself or herself through the use of mobile technology, biosensors and self-monitoring tools that will allow the tracking and recording of this data. The use of mobile technologies would also allow the capture of a large amount of data at the patient's bedside, such as photographs of injuries.


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What is Fintech and what is its future?

Fintechs are start-ups or technology-based companies dedicated to the financial field, and are assumed to be a before and after compared to traditional banking. It is therefore important for financial management experts to understand the different types of financial technology.

In an era where everyone wants to know if there is still innovation to develop new products and services, the term "fintech" is emerging and gaining momentum, with the promise of revolutionising the way we relate to our money.

Companies entering the field hope to improve the way we use technology to understand and interact with financial services.

They aim to create money services that are easy to sign up for, easy to understand and standardised in price, so that more people and businesses (including investors and borrowers) can access them.

Origin of Fintech
The etymological origin of the word Fintech is composed of the terms 'finance' and 'technology'. These words, as the name suggests, refer to companies related to services in the financial sector that leverage technology to offer new services.

Fintech can be defined as an umbrella concept for financial technology companies that seek to generate new ideas and reformulate, understand and deliver financial services through new information technologies, mobile applications or big data.

Fintech companies are engaged in intermediation in many aspects of the financial sector, including remittances, lending, securities trading, financial and investment advice, etc., to list several areas where multiple fintech companies have emerged.

Here are some concepts to consider:

How does Fintech work?
Fintech works like a classic, primarily digital startup. The focus of the business strategy is the customer. It is common for people to compare the services provided by banks and startups.

Fintech brings mainly five types of innovation, namely payment platform, digital credit, crypto assets, blockchain and crowdfunding. Startups (referred to as startups and financial institutions) are working in this innovative field.

Some of the products that are driving global financial innovation include digital currency (Bitcoin), electronic payments, digital loans and savings, programming interfaces for public applications called APIs, crowdfunding and robo-advisors.

The types of Fintech that exist include the following:

Types of Fintech
Although there are many types of Fintech, the most developed ones are currently performing the following activities:

Wealth advice and management.
Personal finance
Alternative financing
Payment services
Big Data
Online customer identification
Financial technology companies are here to stay. Their strength lies in application technology that provides answers to users of financial products. To a certain extent, they democratised the method of financing and circulation and, in many cases, quickly laid the foundations for traditional financing and fund management formulas.

The concept of fintech is still being defined, as it is relatively new and we will gradually see its massification. So, if you want to know more about Fintech, I invite you to read on.


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Why does my cat scratch a lot?

In felines, a lot of scratching is synonymous with excessive licking, rubbing the body against different surfaces or even pulling hairs out with the teeth. When you notice that your cat is scratching a lot, it's most often thought to be itching, but while that's most likely, there may be other reasons.

Cats naturally spend a lot of time grooming themselves, often rubbing themselves against objects in their path and occasionally scratching different parts of their bodies with their nails and teeth.

Therefore, on many occasions, a slight increase in the frequency or intensity of these behaviours may go completely unnoticed. However, when the behaviour is sufficiently exaggerated or the animal begins to show skin lesions or a lack of hair in some areas, it becomes clear that your cat is scratching a lot and that there is a problem.

The most common reasons why you may end up saying "my cat scratches a lot" are related to itching and behavioural disturbances.

Itching is the sensation that causes the desire to scratch. It can be caused by a multitude of causes and expressed in different ways, and is one of the most common reasons for skin disorders in cats.

Depending on its cause, pruritus can be localised or generalised. Depending on this, which is a factor that can help in diagnosis, the location of the lesions will vary.

The most common causes of pruritus in the cat are:

Causes of an allergic nature: food intolerances or allergies and some types of dermatitis.

Causes of a non-allergic nature: Mites, a type of fungus that causes ringworm, some autoimmune diseases, other types of dermatitis or secondary bacterial infections.

Behavioural disorders
There is a group of skin diseases (psychogenic dermatoses) caused by compulsive grooming behaviour. The main causes of this behavioural disturbance are often various stressors that provoke anxiety in felines.

These illnesses, in addition to causing the cat to scratch a lot and precisely because of this, can become visible in the form of lesions on the animal's skin and the appearance of areas where the cat loses hair, especially on the inside of the hind legs.

If your cat scratches a lot, it may end up suffering from serious dermatological problems, which can take a long time to treat and require a lot of effort. Moreover, if the problem is not dealt with properly, it could get worse.

Therefore, if you notice that your cat is scratching a lot, it is essential to visit your vet to determine the root cause of the problem so that appropriate and effective treatment can be applied as soon as possible.

It is important to reduce or control the symptoms quickly to avoid major problems. The use of Elizabethan collars may be a good option to control lesions and itching.

It is important to reduce or control symptoms quickly to avoid major problems.

Subsequently, and only when organic or physical causes have been ruled out, the possibility of a psychological or behavioural disorder should be assessed.

For the treatment of any stress-related behavioural alterations in cats, it is essential to eliminate the factors that cause anxiety and create an environment in which your cat is safe and can develop its natural, instinctive behaviours.

Otherwise, prevention is essential. Parasite control through the preventive use of cat-friendly dewormers, creating a suitable and enriched environment, providing an optimal and appropriate diet in each case and regular check-ups are very important factors in preventing your cat from scratching a lot, as well as preventing other problems.

If you notice that your cat is scratching a lot, it may be due to something simple and without major repercussions, or it may be something a little more complex. In any case, to avoid major problems, it is always advisable that your feline receives professional and personalised attention from your trusted veterinarian.


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Considerations for your craps strategies

Craps is a game of chance. Therefore, you may lose significant sums of money in a very short time, especially if you do not pay attention to your betting and do not manage your money well. It is therefore pointless to increase your bet if you want to win back all the money you have lost.

It is always better to bet the same amount. It is chance that decides in this game, then it may decide to side with you. Also know that the house always enjoys a 5 percent profit.

If you win money, be aware that the dealer is entitled to withdraw 5 percent of your total winnings for his own account. Finally, the benefit of playing Craps is, first and foremost, to have fun during the game. It doesn't matter if you lose a little money.

It is recommended not to bet more than 1/20th of your maximum budget per bet, but if you still want to further minimise your risk of losing, you can go as low as 1/50th of your budget. This also gives you an extra chance of winning, even if you get off to a bad start. This way, you also minimise the risk of reducing your bankroll too early.

If you want to know one of the best strategies for craps, then be sure to read the following lines and increase your chances of making it as a champion at online casinos.

Discover how to play craps with this excellent strategy
Among the strategies that can increase a craps player's chances of winning, there is one that goes beyond the Sharpshooter method. Indeed, although this system can give you a considerable advantage over craps played in traditional land-based casinos, it is nevertheless ineffective when betting on the Internet.

The "Patient Field" method, based on patience and reflection, on the other hand, has a better chance of success at the end of an online craps game.

Presentation of the Patient Field method
The effectiveness of the Patient Field technique is based on mathematical studies. This strategy requires logical reasoning and consists of carefully observing the game in its entirety. The observation is followed by the decision that the player must make.

The aim of this method is to try to catch up with the players who are lucky in the game. The player must therefore meet the beneficial conditions that will bring him luck and help him to increase his chances of winning.

The player will place smaller bets until the fifth throw. In effect, he is considered to have had enough time to observe the game after the first four throws.

Advantages of the Patient Field method
In case of a win on the fifth throw, the player is likely to get into a good momentum. And even if this strategy is by no means infallible, its efficiency rate has been measured by statisticians, who guarantee that the player can significantly reduce large losses of money if he bets reasonably and especially at the right time.

Another advantage of this method is that it allows the player to rest much longer than usual in a game and above all it saves his money.

Chances of winning with the Patient Field method
There is nothing miraculous about the Patient Field technique and it does not produce any unexpected results. It simply encourages the bettor to make a preliminary observation. This will allow him to better conserve his financial capital in the long run.

In craps (which is a game in which it is extremely difficult to predict good rolls), betting wildly is of no use. You have to know how to bet the right amount at the right time.

Players who sign up for long games will love the Patient Field method, all the more so because it makes you a serious and well-regarded player. Your opponents will see that you have stamina and that you know how to control and manage your budget. We all know how difficult this is to do under normal circumstances.

Without a doubt, if you learn how to play craps using this method, the next time you enter an online casino you will be able to walk away with huge winnings.


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